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Difference between the stand or fall of tattoo machine (a)

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Friday 17 April, 2015 Written by tattoodiy
1. The electromagnetic coil and the stability of the shrapnel bounce, depends on the processing of the early locating and tolerance to master; In addition, fixed coil screws and check out best gaskets, so as not to shift due to vibration. 
2. Listen to the voice sometimes mislead your judgement, judge of the tattoo machine only after installation on the tattoo needle and buckle on sinews actual use, can draw the right conclusions. Tattoo equipment, because consider cost factor, sometimes material too thin is the reason why sounds awful, thick frame voice naturally thick! 
3, the tattoo machine on the market price disparity between amplitude is large, that in terms of quality, will be a big difference? 
A: the price of the machine, is that it is that sex and market reputation; In terms of quality, if the businessman in the electromagnetic iron core with hanging iron these two parts in the "electromagnetism pure iron is also called" soft iron, so, of the machine should be no mystery! Because the soft iron is the best material to the two parts. 
3, how to identify whether soft power of tattoo machine? 
A: that is very troublesome, accurate method is to use high-speed cameras, observe the machine back after the loss of magnetic needle mouth in the schedule (distance), distance is soft, small distance is hard! Is the best effect with the least amount of piercing the number will be enough pigment into the target location, at this time if regardless of technique, the problem of machine is out. Fast and hard skin lesions caused by machine on the slow and soft the skin lesions caused by the machine was low. The reason: it fast and hard machine at work in the retraction to each needle mouth stay time is short, the other reason before the shell is harder, can bounce back after the excitation-loss stroke is small, then caused the pigment of needlepoint dip take quantity is small, can, of course, being sent to the target location is less.. On the contrary, slow and gentle machine at work in the retraction to each needle mouth for a long time, the other reason before the shrapnel is soft, can bounce back after the excitation-loss trip also big, also is equal to the amount of pigment dip take increased the needlepoint, can be sent to the target location is much! Even though I just did experiment 2 pieces in the practice the skin pigment saturation essentially the same practice skin cross-sections were observed under the microscope, I verified the above analysis. The experiment also include the specification of the same practice for tensile test, the result is the same. 
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