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Detailed explanation tattoo kits

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Tuesday 17 March, 2015 Written by tattoodiy
Tattoo in most people's eyes is very rebellious very mysterious thing, whether you have any contact with tattoo work, please look at from the perspective of art, still there will be a lot of people use comments and criticism from a radical view that art, for these tired people, we should to say: to you, my body I decide. 
This article, I briefly introduce the function of the tattoo kits, the hope can give those who want to learn about tattoos and prepare tattoo friends some help. 
Tattoo machine, is a tattoo artist complete pattern is one of the main tools, many people call it the tattoo gun, may be made to look like a of tattoo machine gun, plus work will be buzzing sound, but I prefer to call it a tattoo machine. The tattoo machine is roughly divided into two categories: coil machine and motor machine. Maybe there will be more advanced and more severe after the tattoo machine. 
Tattoo needle, close contact with the skin of the tools, make the most of the tattoo is fear. General tattoo needle can divided into two categories: round pin and needle. Circular needle, is composed of several thin needle beam, generally is singular, secant (thorn pattern outline), usually use this needle. Row needles, composed of several thin needle line shape, generally is singular, played fog (color the pattern), usually use this needle. Each needle respectively independent packing for one-time use. 
Tattoo machine another components, tattoo handle, some handle need to install needle mouth, another some handles are fixed needle mouth, while install needle mouth usually for one-time use, handle needle mouth which usually need to go through after using alcohol, high temperature, ultrasonic methods such as disinfection, can be at ease use. 
To cancel, tattoo machine is connected to the tattoo power supply and the tattoo machine tools, usually when the tattoo will set dedicated to cancel at once set, prevent the tattoo process to cancel the contact from the skin surface. 
Don't know many people will sometimes tattoo work, even tattoos black ash class there are a lot of ink cup, here is the concentration of the pigment is not the same, is a tattoo artist according to the need of the design and deployment, this is we often see pattern has a change of light and shade. 
Tattoo machine installed later, but for other tools needed to do the job, such as disposable gloves, clean paper (generally with good mixing concentration algae water to wet the), vaseline (tattoo smear on the skin surface), a cup or several cups of water washing needle (work), tattoo machine pedal control (tattoo work tattoo machine work and stop), tattoo special hand (arm tattoos used), plastic wrap (parcel after tattoo thorn virginity use). 
Tattoo transfer printing job often use some of the user, transfer printing paste and the heat transfer fluid. 
Regular tattoo shop at the end of the work will be detailed to the guest tattoo after care and maintenance of common sense, and give away or sell professional tattoo rehabilitation nursing cream, the guest should be or buy professional care products against the tattoo parlors, do not use other kind of daub ointment. 
Detailed understanding and full communication, the careful design, trust each other, mutual cooperation, tattoo work is very necessary and important program, if you still stay in tight spread through the network diagram and call consultation, then I can advise you about her body responsible for more, just tattoo follows his long or even a lifetime, please seriously. 
Many people would have such a change in the heart: the release of the tattoo, tattoo of fear before, after the tattoo of infatuation. Tattoo is an interesting process, bold try, should have different life experience. 
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