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Detailed classification of tattoo needles

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Wednesday 15 October, 2014 Written by tattoodiy
Many people just learning to tattoo needle tattoo is not very understanding, I would offer the following tattoo needle knowledge for you. 
Classification tattoo needles: blunt needle, needle sharp, round pin, pin. 
Blunt needle is sharp angle pointer relatively blunt, usually about 20-30 degrees, squeeze the skin piercing is relatively difficult to penetrate, but the larger needle point, the performance is more saturated colors, more appropriate to do totem and color; 
Sharp tip of the needle is a pointer to have relatively sharp angle, usually about 5-15 degrees, because it is sharp, piercing easier, tiny pin-point performance matte very delicate, more suitable for black and white sketches and traditional. 
Arranged circular needle pointer rounded, generally divided into scattered mouth circular needle and folded circular needle; 
Arrangement of the needle pointer was ranked like, are generally divided into single row, double, staggered three. 
One. Circular needle: 
1 San mouth round pin: This pin is usually blunt needle, the needle by hand needle evolution over easy strapping. The distance between the needle and the needle is small, a relatively small amount of toner stick, piercing more difficult, slower color, relatively easy lesions. Secant details for broad-brush or a small area of color, it is best to fight fog machines are used to do, because the fog machine beat frequency is slow, not so easy lesions. 
This needle is gradually phased out, with less and less, but still has its irreplaceable advantages, because it's very easy to control the arrangement and shape it to get started, so many beginners start out with this needle. Also, because it is a blunt needle, do relatively saturated color, but the pitch is too small, not very good piercing, kind of tricks we can use the following description of the needle from the spread, spread out to like tree branches, as in when a small area of color, have an unexpected effect. 
2 folded circular needle: This is the pitch when the needle is generally sharp needle, the needle and the needle is small, small amount of pigment stick, piercing easier, color fast, relatively speaking, is not easy to skin lesions. 
Appropriate details of various secant or a small area of the shape, while secant, if it is the same as the thickness of the lines that start to finish, you need to use secant machine, if it is needed changing line thickness is recommended to fight the fog machine, so easy repeating modification. When do small details need to fight fog machine, there is a little trick, because folded needle gauge is relatively small, not very good color, if repeated, or easily lesions, this time, we can use a lighter the solder tip burn a little burn, and then immediately quenched in iodine, and then you will find the needle has spread, and spread the degree that you burn the length of time needed to control their own. Tip dispersed, pitch on the big, easier to penetrate, the amount of pigment is also bigger stick, so color is also faster, lesions are smaller. 
Shoulong needle in general the best 3-pin 5-pin color, secant commonly used. 5-pin is also very suitable for high-gloss white, of course, remember to use the fog machine to play on. 7-pin arrangement most closely, we can try the same strength and frequency of the machine, only 7 folded needle needle worst color, so I usually use the 7-pin when it boil. These are 9-pin 11-pin can be used to cut thick line, and then a thick line on the 9-pin spread to cut with, and then to a thicker line, you can use a fork or seven rows of five pin needle used totem way to the secant of. 
Two. Pin: 
1 single pin: This needle has a blunt needle also has sharp needle, before the old brands are generally blunt needle, then start doing some brands sharp needle. Some brands in order to increase gauge needle, the needle made ​​from wide spaced. 
Because of this arrangement needle needle showed a vertical shape, relatively speaking, easier to penetrate, especially doing a single row of sharp needles, wide spacing even better stab. But because it is a good stab, you need to be cautious, beginners inappropriate use is likely to cause skin lesions and hyperplasia. The main reason is the way lesions incorrect pin can not be repeated vertical shape tattoo, because that would be like a knife cut open the skin, the best way to push the cross, try not to repeat the needle point, so the lesions will will be reduced. The reason is due to the proliferation of its sharp, it is easy to puncture very deep, naturally caused by the proliferation. 
Such needle for some color tattoo, a lot of color master tattoo artist with a wide needles from a single row of sharp color works, because it is easy to penetrate, the color of the thickness is in place. I tried it, the feeling is very good. Can also be used to do some special performance, such as long, flowing hair, edge totem modification, it will instead use a single row of vertical form, it is to be bristling Shique tattoo, just need to pay close attention, not repeated . 
2 Double Needle: This needle is generally blunt needle, belongs to the old needle. This needle is the needle from the hand of evolution, because their hands are tied needle, and pin can only bind them so. I heard that Japan's hand needle tying the three rows of even four rows of stitches. The advantage of this is that each needle piercing a large area, but many shortcomings: the smaller pitch, piercing the dense, difficult to color, so it is necessary to repeat tattoo, naturally, easily lesions. Hand needles because larger effort, the frequency is very slow, so this needle good use. But the machine used, the performance is not good, has been eliminated. 
3 fork pin: also called cross double needle, which is based on a single row of needle-shaped needle and double needle improvement over, is both comprehensive and has all the advantages of both. It is pitch big, large stained pigment, it is easier piercing, piercing area is also large, small lesions, is the most extensive scope needle. 
It has a blunt needle also has sharp needles, as well as flat and curved distinction. 
Flat fork pin is flush with the pointer tip, this needle in a pin number many, such as 9-pin or more needles piercing the skin produces when a phenomenon, but it is on both sides of the needle piercing the deep, middle piercing shallow, especially when even find it difficult to stab stab a large area of ​​plate fog. The reason for this phenomenon is because the skin will be pressed at the time of bending downward. Flat needle shape suitable for texture, does not require a uniform matte, and color a small area, good use of it, it's the angle the needle can stab a more elegant than a single row of needle hair. 
Curved fork pin pointer tip is curved arrangement, this arc just to meet the skin downward curved arc, so you can stab a consistent matte shades up. A large area of ​​the curved needle appropriate board fog, gradation transition, the general tattoo are capable of. 
Now I generally staggered five-pin and 7-pin staggered use flat needles, fork row 9-pin to 39-pin is the use of curved. Such a small area can be used to shape the texture of a small pin, matte large area with a large pin on.
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