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Common problems in tattoo machine operation

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Tuesday 13 January, 2015 Written by tattoodiy
In the process of tattoos, some beginners in the use of  tattoo machine operation often meet some problems or Tattoo machine fault I don't know how to rule out, these problems for beginners always make their brothers , I'm here to list in the common problems occurring in the use of tattoo machine, according to the reference Test to check their tattoo machine and their process if there is any improper use, hope to be able to Everybody to help. 
Walk could lead to a needle under the skin 
1. The tattoo machine improper adjustment 
2. Tattoos needle tip is too long 
3. The tattoo the tip of the needle bending or hook 
4. The tattoo machine frequency is too low 
5. The power supply voltage is too low 
Could lead to a tattoo machine sometimes work sometimes does not work 
1. Bad tattoo machine to get an electric shock 
2. Improper tattoo machine adjustment 
3. The tattoo machine is overheating 
4. The power cord contact need to clean 
5. The power supply voltage is too low 
Sometimes tattoo beginners are doing when they compare carefully, so often can make the grain depth is not enough, the pigment grain only pricked skin epidermis, tattoo is finished when looking at very good effect, but in the area will appear after rub off or tattoo figure no color problem, because the body's skin is constantly updated and fall off, if the color only in the epidermis layer, when the skin after the update, color also as epidermis shed off. 
But on the contrary, if the grain thorn too deep will affect the outcome of the tattoo, because the grain thorn too deep to the skin damage is bigger also, if under the leather too deep because pigment skin layer is thick so affect tattoo colour effect, but also generates scar.  
Tattoo maintenance shall not when, in the process of tattoo back scratching the area will cause off color. If the pigment is unqualified use of tattoo artist also will rub off, choose lewd material also is very critical, selection of pigment must be strictly controlled, never use cheap inferior, quality is bad "-companies pigment contains harmful additives, will cause rejection and allergies to the body, is very harmful to the body, also can make tattoo rub off. Mastering these points plus tattoo artist superb technology can make a beautiful and good works do not fade. 
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