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Classic vintage Audrey Hepburn dresses

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Tuesday 04 August, 2015 Written by tattoodiy
This technique is simply the least Pierce do best chroma. 
We tried many ways to find: 
1. Choose power stable soft tattoo machine. Power stability depends on many aspects, including coil, rack, shrapnel, armature, magnets, capacitance, the power supply. 
2. The distance of coil and armature is set to the appropriate (about 3 ~ 5 mm). Adjust the spacing is not with the adjusting screw, but adjust promptly after bending. Before adjusting screw only needs to gently touch the top of the shrapnel, shrapnel before don't give too much pressure, so that the shell could not play its biggest effect. Have just changed the shrapnel machine need to speak to stable after a period of time, because the steel has its own memory. 
3. According to the pin number of how many good out of the needle (machine operation tip needle mouth distance) of the length (for example, the secant 3 needle 1.5 mm, secant 9 pin needs to be 3 mm, 2 mm fork a row of five needle, the fork row 15 pin should be 5 mm. Because the pin number, the more the greater the stress area, the greater the resistance of skin give needle, Pierce the more shallow, then you need to power up). 
4. The power of the machine need to choose voltage stability, current intensity (need 1.5 ampere above is better), wide adjustable range. In this way, different machine and different needle can apply. 
5. The adjustment of the power supply and shrapnel spacing decided to the power of the machine, the power of machine down as far as possible, so small that you think good enough color will do. Basic concept is to coil and armature spacing is transferred to the right, then the power supply voltage knob first transferred to the minimum, and then slowly, until the voice appeared a little dadada machine (when making color need strength slightly again big a little, this time should be about the same (remember, this regulation refers to the final packed needle later). But it is not certain, need to adjust according to their own methods and habits. 
6. Clearly know what color and the concentration of pigment can reach after Pierce the skin to restore chroma, will Pierce the pigment one pace reachs the designated position, as far as possible to reduce waste. This requires a strong art foundation and long-term experience of tattoo. 
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