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By the method of deep shallow tattoo machine play fog

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Friday 26 December, 2014 Written by tattoodiy
Tattoo machine play fog has three ways: 
1. Can be held by the weight of the technique and the change of depth, namely when are back into the needle shallow do a tone change, it can be within a change, also can do the change of the large area as a whole, namely whole brushwork from heavy to light; 
(2) can be determined by the needle mouth pigment within how many shades of change, when we touch the pigment grain thorn, you will find the first coloring colour, gradually because of less pigment is becoming more and more weak, we can according to the characteristics and grasp the depth of change; 
3. Can be reach by dilution inky depth changes (especially black) a tattoo artist there are three kinds of commonly used ink: pure black, light black, clear water. Usually use these three ink during operation. At the same time to make light and shade effect, the change of depth. Is a pen on the deepest part of the transition to a light color pure black, with a light black and cohesion of the transition to a light color. Before the pressure transition of a about a centimeter or so this will join natural. 
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