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By a tattoo needle sharp degree to lenovo

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Saturday 18 October, 2014 Written by tattoodiy
What many people don't think tattoo needle like, but is to use the needle sharp degree to damage the skin and penetrates the skin pigment, although said is true, but in fact "tattoo needle" itself is quite learned to discuss. 
Tattoo needle sharp degree will influence the presentation, color piece with same size color piece, the tip of the needle, needle point is smaller, the pigment less per point of infiltration, accumulation of color piece feel lighter, with a slight strength can penetrate into the skin or scratch the skin, so in the process of thorn of light fog control must be very careful, when strength moreover mei seeks slower, depth to differ, too deep branch of shallow part present to punctate or inclined status quo, on the contrary, a blunt needle, needle point is larger, the pigment infiltration, accumulation of color piece texture will be heavier, but must have a certain degree of strength to blunt needle pierced, not easily scratch the skin, but have needle points when they stab in the fog is too large, control is bad will have the same punctate uneven phenomenon. 
We know the tattoo needle sharp degree of the effect, can infer using the method, in order to "theory of shallow fog", have a sharp needle point of small advantages, as long as we avoid it prone to missing, natural can stab a beautiful light fog, slight strength can Pierce skin is too deep, we'll think of some way to get it is not easy to Pierce too deep.And in terms of a blunt needle, have the advantage of easily Pierce, we have to avoid needle point of feeling.So that by the needle sharp degree to begin, lenovo can be inferred that the thickness of the needle, different size and arrangement, the sting out of the present results would be different, then with our existing tattoo techniques, different kinds to make a analysis of the needle. 
(a) single needle:
Advantages are most often used for graphics is exquisite, is easy to control, sharpness is easy enough into the needle, the strength not too heavy, so the tattoo machine speed don't move too fast, too sharp fast easy to damage the skin is overweight, the slow speed control is very good, slowly can figure out a very exquisite.Defect is paint with very little single needle penetrate into skin, big patch area is not suitable for to single needle thorn, seeping into the paint is not enough thick, and the work will be a long time, and if in the key of single needle fast secant, must pay attention to the appropriate mobile hand cooperate with tattoo machine, if the depth is deep, or pause for too long, for single needle fast easy to cut off many capillaries, pigment can cause back into capillaries inside too much and shading. 
(2) three stitches:
The needle is the three needle end combined into single needle end, takes advantage of the gap between needle and needle can leave more pigments, to Pierce the skin will have a good effect on infiltration, suitable for use in a stab an outline of the graphics. 
(3) round pin:
Combined with pillars form of a circle with needle, the same with the needle with the gap between the will leave more paint, and form a more needle surface, with the theory of five needle, adjustable speed can sting out lines of coarser, the slow speed can also play small details of color, light and shade of more than 10 needle theory, can be quickly out of a large area of color piece, it should be noted that there is when many needles to form a surface, the surface stress area is large, nature is not easy to penetrate into the skin, can sting on the relatively shallow layers of the skin, in the light fog and color is very good use of light and shade levels, but if will deliberately to thrust deep so worn skin and make the color effect is not good, so the method is not suitable for deep skin layer. 
(4) single needle:
Combining into a single row with needle, mostly is given priority to with 4-6 needle, row needle has the advantage of combined with single needle and circle, easily into the needle, Pierce pigment infiltration quantity is enough, can stab with minimal "number" stick out more than the round pin number amount of paint, but the spent, not suitable for the entire surface of the skin color piece. 
(5) double row needles:
Combined into double row with needle, cases of single row five needle, to fix two, four two needle up into two row, double row over five needle and so on, have a reinforcing single double row needle, kai-cheng zhang scattered because of the needle point, average more than single needle stab the entire piece area, this is by far the most common use of the needle, it should be noted that there are usually in the influence of the there will be more than 13 needle bearing, thrust in the skin, the skin will be oppressed and form concave shape, too wide will therefore only stress on row row needle on both sides, may sting out of uneven color, it will make it in some more than 13 needle sticks into a circular arc form to fit the skin which is formed by the oppressed concave shape, if not can stick into a circular arc form, as long as the skin as far as possible level. 
(6) more than three rows row needles:
Used mostly in the large area of color piece, as far as I know, use this needle less tattoo artist, tattoo artist in Japan for many, should be the Japanese manual tattoo of a needle habits, effect can stab a dense color layer, there are more better than that of circular needle effect. 
(7) the thickness of the needle and the length of the needle tip: now generally use the pin from 0.25 mm to 0.4 mm in diameter, the thickness in addition to the difference of single needle, needle in the gap distance between each needle and each needle would be different, detailed rules for the intensive than coarse, the effect would be different, dense Pierce will not easily shallow some, deep conversely.And the length of the needle tip and the thickness is the same reason.On this point is very important, it covers all types of needle, the influence of a lot of new needle is in order on the basis of the relationships between the skin and as a thinking direction, this principle should be good to understand.
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