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Best condition of tattoo machine

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Wednesday 08 July, 2015 Written by tattoodiy
A tattoo machine to get his hand, can let us to adjust only the following link: front spring, shrapnel, after spacing, contact screws, damping ring, coil position, rubber band and an armature. And coil, iron core, frame, the capacitor is basically we can not move.
All adjustments are around two factors -- frequency and strength, I will be below the law one by one.
The length and width and thickness of soft spring: the bending angle will affect the frequency and strength of the machine. A long, narrow, thin, soft, bending angle will make the machine frequency becomes slow, power becomes large. Whereas the frequency becomes faster and the power becomes small.
Shock absorption ring: thickness and soft, thin, soft to make the frequency of slow, power becomes large. Vice versa. In fact extension of the damping ring is front spring, the front spring can even don't damping ring, as front spring power play to the maximum value, the maximum strength.
Contact screw: contact point position near the tip of the shrapnel, the frequency is slow, the greater strength, and vice versa. The smaller the contact screw presses, the faster the frequency. Recommended contact screw by as much as possible before, touch shrapnel, at most a backspin two circle, this spring to maximize its power.
After spring: soft and hard and narrow bending angle will affect the machine's frequency, power and the length of the needle. Narrow, thin, soft will make the machine frequency becomes slow, power becomes large. Whereas the frequency becomes faster and the power becomes small. The bigger the bending angle is, the bigger the needle is, the bigger the machine is, the slower the frequency is, and vice versa.
After spacing: refers to machine the back seat and the armature of the distance, in fact, this distance is changed after the shrapnel length can be in several ways to realize and adjust armature length, after spring plate size, after the advancement of shrapnel, the three who can change the distance between. The greater the distance, the greater the power, the slower the frequency, and vice versa.
The position of the coil: the front of the line (close to the needle) is the greater the front force, the greater the distance between the coil and the coil. Suggest front circle as far as possible, after the coil is not moved.
Armature armature: material, length of weight, the longer, heavier armature force is bigger, the slower the frequency. I only know that the armature material temporarily better off and better magnetic.
Rubber band: use less as far as possible, as long as they can control needle can beat, correct needle charging can reduce needle beating, so you only need a two band can be.
In general, the case of the color, totem need machine power, frequency slow, black and white, black and white and sketch need to force a small machine, frequency fast. You can adjust the machine according to the above rules.
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