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Beginner's tattoo machine and tattoo technical advice

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Tuesday 25 November, 2014 Written by tattoodiy
Tattoo machine supporting facilities: 1. The power supply, hook line, foot
2. The handle is A stainless steel handle: weakness: want to use clean disinfection Standby advantages: suitable for a long time Because there is a certain weight and tattoo machine head "first foot" weight equilibrium to operate than the plastic handle
Stainless steel handle and divided into two kinds One is the top wire fixed needle mouth The other is a self-locking pins The second kind of easy to use
B the plastic handle: weakness: unit and tattoos top-heavy Hold more tired Advantages: one-time abandoned Convenient health suitable for go out to work and short time to work
3. The needle mouth is divided into two kinds of material Advantages of stainless steel: Durable shortcomings Every time cleaning and sanitation. Set aside Plastic injection nozzle: convenient health once abandoned Beginners buy needle mouth round 3 5 7, 9, 11, 13 row 15 of these 7, 9, 11, 13 is ok
Basic cent two kinds of transfer printing One is the user The other is a transfer paper turn user shall transfer printing is the mirror surface figure The latter is positive suggest beginners use transfer paper Can be familiar with the design Transfer printing position and well determined
Transfer paper operating essentials: copy paper: suitable for direct tracing figure Then on the transfer paper after stroke
Copy paper: the copier after zoom in On the transfer paper after stroke
Pen, ball-point pen Suitable for large and soft copy paper pencil proposal with class B is suitable for copy paper
To buy copy paper: basic sold at very cheap art supply store
Turn user and absorption agent professional tattoo equipment shop sell purposes Different names If practice many transfer printing Can use the transfer paper transfer printing such as safflower oil white oil of turpentine buy hair gel is also very economical to use
When everything ready is the first step to tattoo in field The secant secant practice According to the technique can be divided into the secant method and buried suspension needle secant method In the actual secant tattoo The two methods are based on the skin of anatomical alternates There is no single "hanging" and "buried", for example Bone-like secant thin skin With suspension stitch meat soft thick place can use stitch so We can't criticize a beginner One sector
Secant method: 1. The suspension needle mouth not contact with the skin Tip under vertical skin needle point: control wrist meditation experience feedback resistance after the needle into the skin feeling difficulties: a tattoo machine movement Wrist stability control
Secant method: 2. Buried needle mouth against the skin Vertical needle mouth skin mobile point: mobile keep needle mouth vertical difficulties: according to different control movement speed and needle mouth skin pressure
Secant method of practice: 1. Cut a straight line: deceptively simple Beginners to work harder line went straight to the practice to practice different direction of the straight line Such as the horizontal ordinate diagonal, etc So I can practice different wrist force direction control ability If practice after period of time line walk straight line uniform color Try to practice medium tied on the practice model Different parts of the simulation practice again
2. Cutting arc: according to the actual tattoo secant Good or poor clockwise arc needle should practice So practice cutting circular arc suggested by cutting line to give priority to The needle to alternate clockwise and counterclockwise After "desktop" practice to master Try tied to different parts of simulation practice models
3. The closed Angle secant practice: this is real tattoo secant appear more secant method so Should practice more Because the tattoo the pawn geometry totem and often appear in the graph
Secant practice should pay attention to several questions:
1. Walk needle light color light solution: slow down Increase the depth of needle To keep the ink quantity
2. Various discontinuous line Solution: increase the wrist control keep evenly into the depth of needle
3. The needle into the heavy narrowing light solution: light into the slow Don't handwritten Chinese characters
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