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Beginners learn tattoo process

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Wednesday 30 September, 2015 Written by tattoodiy
First learn to adjust the tattoo machine and the collocation of color, when you are the god of trade-offs flush after, you want to create the position of the clean thoroughly with rubbing alcohol (or use the preoperative disinfectant). 
The second step is, learn to pattern design and correction, with user shall put the logo printed on clean skin, good available pens, or use the liquid to remove the unpleasant changes, when your god and you are absolutely meet after, you can create an unprecedented works 
The third step is to learn to use a tattoo needle, with fine needle (three needle) profile thorn pattern edge, then there will be a small amount of bleeding, please don't hesitate, this is when the tattoo must experience, then should pay attention to colorific collocation, rough places available row needles (5 m15 needle) carved out on the edge of the subject, outline, connect place can use color needle (5-40 needle) dark carving out different modification. Finally can use seventy percent of the disinfectant eliminate excess ink, unsatisfactory can be modified. All your instruments thoroughly disinfected before use (with high performance pressure cooker steam for about 20 minutes, or soaked with disinfectant, or cooked in boiling water for 30 minutes). 
The final step is also the matter of step, you create a good work With bacitracin ointment on wounds, again with gauze treatment, prevent infection, after 24 hours to change until full good new, must prevent infection, otherwise you will fall by the wayside, your god will regret lifelong. Ok, you just completed an unprecedented feat. 
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