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Beginner Liner shader tattoo machine explination

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Saturday 06 September, 2014 Written by tattoodiy

The tattoo machine used for shading tattoos is fundamentally the same as the machine used for line work, the only difference being a slight alteration to front part of the equipment. It is advised however, that a tattoo artist uses separate machines for line work and for shading. Most tattoo artists will carry out this practice. One additional difference between units used for line work and those for shading is the type of needle used in conjunction with the machines; shading needles comprise several needles in a line -- almost like a comb -- whereas line work needles have several individual needles arranged in a circle around a central point. The gap between the contact screw and the spring is an old "fix all" solution that is outdated. The gap can be as wide open or closed as you want it as long as the tune is set. With the advancements in capacitor technology and the ability to cut springs of different guages it has changed the way you set a machine. This worked when all you had was one guage for springs and used whatever cap (if any) you could find. If it works for you wide open to line or shade it's how you work and that should be enough.

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