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Before and after tattoo matters needing attention

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Saturday 22 August, 2015 Written by tattoodiy
1, pay attention to whether tattoo parlors instrument equipment health. Tattoo can be a small operation, so the equipment health or not, is critical. Tattoo operators should use disposable gloves and tattoo needles, tattoo machine with stainless steel material advisable. 
2, to understand the quality of tattoo ink. Tattoo tattoo now generally does not use the dye used and ink, but use, is the alcohol soaking liquid plant pigments. Because the plant pigment extracted from natural plants, penetrate into skin, more susceptible to infection. 
3, to pay attention to the protection of their own. When tattoos, should use cleaning such as adrenaline, stop the bleeding. After the tattoo, scrub tattoo. With warm boiled water, keep dry tattoo (duration is generally a week), otherwise it will cause infection, and cause skin to rot. 
4, do not use animal blood or cinnabar tattoo, such as the dove blood cinnabar tattoo this method is extremely dangerous. 
5, do not use alcohol or the wounds of the crystal violet treatment had pierced (alcohol can stimulate the wound, will destroy the tattoo of crystal violet color). 
6, after the completion of the tattoo need apply professional tattoo ointment or medical vaseline, 2 to 3 hours after rinse clean with warm water will ointment and blood, using absorbent cotton or professional dry with paper towel, then don't blot out any drugs. 
7, tattoo itchy to complete a few days later, scabby, peeling is a normal phenomenon, do not scratch the wound, in order to avoid infection or decoloring, underwear should be soft, not too tight. 
After 8, tattoos, temporarily do not swim or the sauna, in case of anaerobic bacteria infection. 
9, if you have ulcers, fester, flowing water, the wound has not healed, such as a fever phenomenon please consult tattoo or go to a hospital checking. 
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