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autoclave is a reliable method to sterilizing tattoo needle

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Monday 23 December, 2013 Written by tattoodiy

I think almost every tattooist knowing that tattoo needle should be sterilized after used. But they know how to sterilize tattoo needle is reliable for the customers to prevent infection. Actually using autoclave is a better choice. And it is also easy to handle event for the starters.

An autoclave is generally considered to be the only form of sterilization appropriate for tattoo  studio, although some low-volume home studios may use chemical sterilization. It should be noted that cleaning is the most important part of sterilization - unclean tools may not sterilize properly. Cleaning can be achieved by first putting your tools in a ultrasonic with proper cleaning tablets and scrubbing them at least once during the ultra sonic cycle. Then with gloved hands remove your equipment and pat dry it. These tools are still contaminated with microbial bacteria! So make sure you’re setting them on your “dirty” stainless tray and not on any surfaces that cannot be sterilized. After your tools have been properly bagged,an autoclave sterilizes through a combination of pressure and heat. While it might be difficult to justify the cost if you're just tattooing yourself or your fluids-exchanged partner from time-to-time, there is no excuse for not using an autoclave for your non disposable multiuse items and equipment if you're tattooing friends. No special paperwork is required to buy them—consider them essential. That said, as with all things, you have to use them properly. They must reach and sustain the required heat and pressure. They must be packed properly. They must have water in them. They must be spore tested from time to time, about once every 10 hours of cycle time, to ensure they are functioning properly. Any studio which does not employ proper sterile techniques should be always be avoided.

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