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Associated with the tattoo machine

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Tuesday 21 April, 2015 Written by tattoodiy
We all know that tattoo machine is very important for the artist, like the sword is the life of the swordsman, tattoo machine is the life of the tattoo artist, good quality machine to let you get twice the result with half the effort, with ease, inferior machine will not only damage to the guest's skin, and will seriously affect their confidence in tattoo on the road. To judge a good tattoo machine can be divided into three: 
1. The subject support and all screw details.. Appearance is not beautiful or not, but whether small detail place is neat, a good machine will have a very strong unequivocal support. 
2. The electromagnetic coil and the stability of the shrapnel bounce, simple look not promptly contact with spark phenomenon, or use for a period of time will have overheating occurs. 
3. Listen to the voice is the most simple way to determine machine, sometimes good machine bounce up there will be a very solid sound, there will not be spread. 
More than 3 points is to teach you how to identify whether a good tattoo machine, that is the first step; Attention in the use of tattoo machine needles do not touch the skin, outside of any object on the potion, tattoo needles must stop fibrillation, prevent the liquid medicine box, such as needlepoint bending will not be able to work, can use a sandpaper in needle direction to gently, and then, with a thick cocoon skin test needle, not hook the skin as well. 
And in tattoo machine after each use, and to prevent dirt, wipe the contact needle, needle disinfection, fuselage rub-up, the fuselage and two pieces of magnetic point to prevent rust, and put the tattoo power supply is good, don't let it hurt. Such as contact point contact undesirable, light can use paper to wipe, or can use sand paper burnish adjustment screw. Use for a long time contact to fold down to mass, hands folded up when available. This is a very good maintenance of the tattoo machine details. 
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