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After the tattoo need complementary color?

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Saturday 18 July, 2015 Written by tattoodiy
Tattoo when it has just been tattoo artist, because some tattoo ink floating on the skin surface, plus the tattoo work make the skin redness, so it looks dark. Tattoo 2-3 days will be completed is scabby, at that time the color of the tattoo will be deeper. After half month, scabby off clean, become lighter in color will probably be around 20%. Surface skin into small corrugation, feels slightly drum, then don't worry, because has not fully recovered to normal skin thickness, thickness of two months to grow old, feels smooth as before, don't need to do a tattoo is the complementary color. 
Some guests don't know these tattoos knowledge, see color becomes shallow, after skin wounds have touch, will panic, thought is rub off and hyperplasia, consulting, requirement of tattoo complementary color. Don't need to worry, the artist is suggested after guests in tattoo, to review again. In theory, technology is a good tattoo artist, won't rub off phenomenon exists. To review purpose, more is to adjust the picture administrative levels feeling, make better the details of the repairs. And even repair, mostly in the form of a small number of content, short time. 
Once repair intact, theoretically tattoo is a lifetime won't rub off, also need not to tattoo complementary color, but with the increase of age, or for decades, as the metabolism of skin, color gradually dizzy, blurred, there is. 
Tattoo becomes shallow principle: tattoo is the tattoo ink to Pierce the skin. After restore good, is to use the skin translucent to performance. So in drying is very shallow, sweating or after bathing dark color clear, more show bright phenomenon. 
One of the most popular myth: tattoo fade easily, especially the color, a few years to fill again. Black and grey tattoo, the tattoo ink is partial water, no matter into the needle depth, won't rub off. Into the needle erratic, weight, and show the mottled, dirty, but also do not belong to rub off. Colorful tattoos, tattoo ink particles. Most beginners into the needle shallow, action faster, cause color with skin epidermis, wiping out at that time, dye the feeling. 
The relevant tattoo tattoo complementary knowledge, I believe you already know, find technology more perfect tattoo artist, can effectively avoid the occurrence of the above situation, also need not to tattoo complementary color. 
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