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After installation of tattoo machine, need to check carefully

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Thursday 28 May, 2015 Written by tattoodiy
Tattoo machine assembly together. Tattoo needle mouth need final correction, that is, changes in the end of the tattoo needle mouth exposed outside the length of the needle tip. To press armature which depend on the coil, hold it up and down the mediation needle mouth to let needle point out the proper length. 
Let go of the armature, so it can bounce and depend on the top of silk. At this time a bit not show tattoo needle mouth tip. Determine the needle mouth open place are front and twist screws. Now machine is assembled, can start a real tattoo. Check whether the machine is pulling the tattoo needle, needle is doing the right up and down. 
Can only make good tattoo needle strictly moves up and down. Have a clockwise will crazy or moved to one side. Start the machine to check whether there is this kind of situation, if any, should be to solve this problem as soon as possible, so as to ensure the stable smooth lines when the tattoo. 
Sometimes slightly reduced voltage is also can have the effect, but also should check whether the tip is damaged. But needles along the top of the needle bar to add one or more rubber band from different directions, until you reach a certain tension, it can prevent the shake of the needle, don't bend needle stick, with high power magnifying glass eye detection when the machine is running to ensure that the needle is just do up and down. To avoid any jitter. Each needle should be clear, not vague. When you use a magnifying glass to test the correct of the needle eye movement, is time to check whether the tip is damaged (see section) on the needle. This should be a habitual action, because the whole process of inspection should be in tattoo secant and play before the fog. If you use a needle has been shaking machine tattoo, so the needle skin cut will be quite serious, even tear the skin, can also cause pigment is hard to Pierce the skin, the skin easier began to heal scabby, resulting in destruction color. Because of this, we adjust the tattoo needles this whole operation is just a few minutes, well done also can save a lot of time, and avoid when tattoo injection color and start to recover the wound callus. 
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