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Adjust the most suitable for your tattoo machine

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Wednesday 23 September, 2015 Written by tattoodiy
Each person's work habits, technique is different, is different from person to person. Also happy joyful and soft tattoo machine, can link with dense needle point good uniform color, and soft continous efforts not Pierce too deep, damage to the skin can be a very good control. 
Tattoo machine shell, shrapnel, after before the spacing, contact screw, shock absorption, position, rubber band, armature coil, coil, iron core, frame, capacitance, etc. Every part of the machine are affected. 
Some details, a single change, has little effect on it looks like a tattoo machine, but every detail appropriate adjustment, matching the machine will have obvious changes, and through the reasonable adjustment of the components, basic it can all be adjusted any machine to be performance. 
The premise, must want to understand the principle of tattoo machine operation, the function of each component, you can let the machine with ease. The absence of changes in all of the components, the armature, between before and after the coil, plus a small rubber band, rubber band of hard and soft, with the frequency of machine, can have very obvious change. 
Everyone can look for rubber hose, used scissors to cut out different width of the rubber band, according to the characteristics of the tattoo machine, there are needs, respectively on between coil and armature set before and after, will find obvious changes in the machine. 
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