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About the choose and buy of tattoo machine

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Friday 23 January, 2015 Written by tattoodiy
1, if you want to choose a good tattoo machine should note what respect? How to choose to let oneself satisfactory machine? 
A: a good machine can fulfill all the tasks, including traditional; Heavy variety, light fog. Said to call on market at present machines are divided into several different purposes, any material, as long as the strength of the request frame can do! 
2, the tattoo machines and tattoo machine on the market price disparity between amplitude is large, that in terms of quality, will be a big difference? 
A: the price of the machine, is that identity and market reputation; In terms of quality, if the businessman in the electromagnetic iron core with the two hanging iron parts with the electromagnetism pure iron, then the machine should be no mystery! Because the soft iron is the best material to the two parts. 
3, how to identify whether the power of the machine is soft? 
A: that is very troublesome, accurate method is to use high-speed cameras, observe the machine back after the loss of magnetic needle mouth in the schedule (distance), distance is soft, small distance is hard! 
4, secant machine and fog machine in performance have what characteristics? 
A: line machine: requirement is fast and back out of the needle is fast, so as not to hang the skin! Fog machine requirements are different, according to the habit of each tattoo artist! This, is that all the production machines can't do! In general are our people in accommodating machine, speed, flexibility, related to users under the decisiveness of the needle, strength the relationship with the user's habits. 
5, how to determine and test out the length of the needle? 
Answer: according to the habit of each, and the guest's skin nature! Skin is thicker than the asians, europeans in some deeper, it is also a foreign artist pursuit of why the machine bounce space is large. 
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