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A tattoo machine use details

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Tuesday 11 August, 2015 Written by tattoodiy
A tattoo machine details: top wire after contact with shrapnel in front of the high frequency will produce a lot of metal chips, these cause skin rejection this phenomenon itself is greater than the proportion of tattoo ink. 
Suggestion: the use of disposable machine set is the best way. At the same time the right tattoo machine debugging method: after each job should loosen the damping ring, at the same time, unscrew the top wire (top) is separated from former shrapnel let the machine rest adequately, because the metal is the "memory effect". Then the machine disinfection, I use the disinfection cabinet disinfection. With 95% of medical alcohol to clean first tattoo machine, after alcohol evaporate into the alexipharmic ark, alexipharmic ark with ultraviolet (uv) and double effect of ozone disinfection for 30 minutes. 
To debug before every tattoo tattoo machine. Top silk with former shell under the separate state is stepped on the foot, then twisted silk, as long as before a contact shrapnel, tattoo machine should enter the working state. This will avoid excessive production of metal debris. 
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