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The Right tattoo machines

The skill of the artist and his equipment. are the two factors to make perfect tattoos. You can’t expect an artist to perform the best tasks with low quality tattoo machines.

Now the price varies between $10–$1000,what is the difference between machines?

In this article, we will help you choose the best tattoo machine to help you achieve success in your craft.

Tattoo Machine Parts & How it works

Armature Bar

The solid metal piece that is attached to the front and back spring to give the assembly weight and magnetic pull.

Wrapped Coils

The electromagnetic backbone of any tattoo gun. The coils come in three different sizes, 8, 10 and 12, More layers means a more powerful gun, since the coil conducts electricity.


Tattoo machines should be made out of sturdy, conductive metals with an overall setup that accommodates comfort and space preferences.

Contact Screw

Adjusts the speed of the machine by completing the circuit from the top binding post to the front spring.

Front Springs

Responsible for giving your gun the punch it needs to push ink. The lower bending angle for the front spring, the lower frequency-more powerfu.

back Springs

Responsible for giving your gun the punch it needs to push ink. The higher bending angle for the back spring, the lower frequency-more powerful.

Compare the basic parameter from Apprentice machines to Master machines, you will easily find the right machines for your artwork, no matter you are a starter or artist! If you are buying the machine for the first time, prefer popular recommended brand that provides you guarantee and assurance that you are buying the correct product.Never buy product without guarantee.

  Apprentice Machine Journeyman Machines Master Machine
Featured Module
Brand None DragonHawk Compass
Advantage Cheap High Cost-Effective
Easy To Use
Quality Gurantee
Professionally Tuning
Long Time Working
Distinctive Settings For Specific Purpose
Disadvantage Require Frequent Tuning
Cut Down Easily
Low Power For Heavy Shader
Get Hot Long Time Shading
Hybrid Machine Errors

The reason being, the setting for a liner would have different gaps, spring length, tension, and speed parameters as compared to the settings used for shading.

It may also happen that if you use a liner for shading, you may damage the skin as well as the machine in many ways. The liner runs very fast, therefore, if you shade with the same configuration, it can cause bleeding. The machine will also overheat, the contact screw may get worn out faster, and the result you'll get is an erratic-running machine.

No Good At Doing
Extreme Complicated Work
A Little Expensive
performance ratings
Market Price $5–$15 $25–$70 Above $200
Coils Common Cores, Aluminum Wire 1018 Steel Cores Copper Wire Handmade 1018 Steel
Cores Copper Wire
Processing Casting Or Stamping In Bulk Wire Cut (CNC) Handmade
Steady Working Time 1-2 Hours 4-5 Hours Any Time
Type Combination Of Shading And Lines Only For Shading Or Lines Diverse Types For Different Styles
Applies to people Apprentice Apprentice & Journeyman All The Tattoo Fans
Tuning Simply Turning Exquisiter Turning Master: Hundreds Of Turning
Max: 5 pcs/day
Drive Needles Size Smaller Lining And Shading Any Size For Most Work Every Gun Has Its Own Variety Of
Needles To Perform A Task
Guarantee Within 3 Months 12 Months Life-Time

In summation, if you are tattoo starters, do not have enough capital in hand, could resort to buying hybrid machines that will be able to do all tasks, but only could do on practice skins.

After apprenticeship, we suggest you update your tools, to reach the perfect level.

I can only say that since a tattoo artist works with human skin, he/she simply cannot afford to take chances. Even slight negligence on your part could cost the customer his health. Always remember to sterilize every equipment that is going to be re-used. Although this point does not pertain to the topic of discussion, it is very essential.