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Golden Series 50 pcs 1207RL Tattoo Needles

Model: JBZ-1207RL*50
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50 pcs 1207RL Disposable Sterilized Gold Standard Tattoo Needles Round Liner for tattoo grip tip Tattoo Supplies
DragonHawk top gold standard needle:
from the soldering process, steel choosen, producing process, to the strict high magnification microscopy screening test mechanism,
top gold standard needle has a strict technical standard,
Uniform alignment of the needle tip,
each one is extremely high quality tattoo needle.
After ethylene oxide sterilization, disposable dialysis paper packaging has a blue chemical reaction instructions,
drangonhawk tattoo needle stick to create a product focus on quality , hygiene and safety ,
so that the tattoo process is free of worry.
Top gold standard needle ensure to pierce the skin smoothly and full of feeling, breaking the skin quickly, small skin damage,
after healing the color is bright and full, recommend to the top tattoo artist.
Package Include:
50 pcs Gold Standard Needles 1207RL


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Golden Series 50 pcs 1207RL Tattoo Needles
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