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Dragonhawk Double Lining 3 Machine Kit Free Shipping

Model: DIY-528(agb-3)
  • Retail Price:US$138.59
  • Our Price:US$89.99
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(1)This tattoo kit include two lining machines and one shader machine:it could complete all lining work,also could do smaller mags and round shader work including black and grey.
Fine Liner machine provides a fast,solid hit at a medium stroke,recommended for pushing smaller configurations from 3 to 7R needle groupings.
Liner machine runs at a medium speed with a solid long stroke that is suitable for all line work using from 9 to 14R needle groupings.
Shader machine provides a medium, soft hit at a medium stroke that is suitable for smaller mags and round shader work including black and grey.It recommended for pushing smaller configurations from 5 to 15M needle groupings.
(3)All tattoo inks made in USA: Immortal ink colors,0.16oz,10 bottles.
What include in this kit? 
1Dragonhawk Tattoo Lcd Power Supply,foot pedal,clip cord include.
 Soft Clip Cord for tattoo artist use.   
2USA tattoo ink colors Immortal 10 colors 0.16oz 
3 Self-lock 304 Stainless Steel Tattoo Grip with Back Stem Tube
Dragonhawk PVC grips,comfortable for entire hand 1 pcs+alloy grip 1pcs
4Three Dragonhawk tattoo machines,copper coils:two for liner,one for shader work supplies
5Tattoo clip cord covers sleeves barrier plastic
6Spirit Stencil Tattoo Transfer Paper Hectograph Carbon 1PCS 
Tattoo Skin Soft Blank Needle Machine Supply
7Speed stick tattoo clean deodorant  supplies regular tool
8Blue soap cleansing & soothing 1oz.
9Surgical medical skin scribe stencil markers Tattoo Piercing Pen
10Tattoo ink cups no holder flat base quality ABS plastic clear 50 PCS 
11Tattoo cream ointment imported for recovery vitamin A&D 2 pc 
12Disposable sterilized Tattoo Needles 50 pcs suitable for all lining work and smaller shader work. 
13one Set of adjust tools and other attachments rubber bands,grommets,rubber o-rings,adjust tool.
14one set Cleaning Brush for machine,tip,grip.
15Tattoo Dry Wipes Medline Nature Soft Flushable
16Spatula tattoo paddle tongue depressor sticks PET for taking cream ointment. 
17Pro sterile long disposable tattoo Tips RT FT 20PCS
  304 Stainless Steel Tattoo Nozzle RT FT 5PCS
18 DVD tattoo guide show you all kinds of tattoo knowledge
19 Tattoo guide to how to contact your tattoo kit.


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Dragonhawk Double Lining 3 Machine Kit Free Shipping
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