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2 Professional Damascus Tattoo Machines Immortal Tattoo Inks

Model: DIY-512(bhb-3.0)
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1 Two professional damascus tattoo machine steel 10 wrap coils for liner,12 wrap coils for shader.


2 USA original professional Immortal tattoo inks authentic for tattoo artist 0.16oz 10 colors set.


3 Dragonhawk tattoo power supply portable mini:accurate voltage adjustment per 0.1v+/-,overcurrent protection,dual switch mode.


4 Professional Black Silica Gel Tattoo Power Supply Clip Cord Soft,foot pedal include.


5 Each cartridge consists of high quality needles,safety membrane ensures that no pigment or fluids can enter the motor,include 10 pcs cartridges:3RL,5RL,7RL,5M1,7M1(two for each size).


6 Five pcs Cartridge disposable tubes:These tube can be used on All Coil & Rotary Machines,free plunger for these tubes to work.


7 Two BALM tattoo aftercare original forluma from Spain,moisturising skin and embellishing tattoo colours over a lifetime of care high Dexpanthenol content (5%).


8 Two Stencil Stuff tattoo stencil transfer Gel travel pack 3g,makes the transfer crisper,cleaner and sharper.


9 Dragonhawk tattoo kit case carry storage supply potable.


10 One Pair powder-free black nitrile exam latex-free tattoo gloves large.


11 One bag grommet keep needle steady.


12 One bag O-ring sure spring smooth.


13 One bag rubber bands avoide machine vibration.


14 One Set of adjust tools for machine adjustment.


15 One Spirit tattoo stencil transfer SPIRIT paper hectograph carbon.


16 Soft blank tattoo fake skin for needle machine supply double sided.


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2 Professional Damascus Tattoo Machines Immortal Tattoo Inks
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